Boba Puppy Plushie

The Original Bobashi (Boba Puppy Plushie)!

Undeniably the softest, cutest and most cuddly plushie available on the market. Our Bobashi is made from PP plush, which is super soft and squishy! With more than 100+ reviews and purchases, all of our customers have been so happy with their plushies!

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Are you a bubble tea addict? Do you love cute dogs? Do you love cute plushies and toys? Then the Bobashi is your perfect companion!  

Bobashi is the perfect bubble tea dog plushie for your loved ones to enjoy. Made with Plush & PP Cotton, our Bobashi provides fun, comfort and companionship to everyone - bubble tea lovers, dog lovers and toy lovers alike.

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Soft, Cuddly PP Plush Material ☁️

Our Bobashi Plushies are made with the ☁️ softest☁️ cloud-like PP plush that is found in most Japanese plushies. Due to the nature of the fabric, they tend to repel dust and dust mites!